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Exit Planning- The Transition out of your business

FACT: All business owners will eventually exit their business
MYTH: All business owners will plan for this exit

Did you know that the vast majority of a business owner’s wealth comes from their business? Yet when that business is sold or transferred, it is often left to chance, thus risking its value.

Did you know that most business owners do not have an exit strategy or exit plan for their business? They risk:

  • Losing much of the wealth they have in their business
  • Leaving a mess for their spouse/children
  • Paying excessive taxes
  • Having the business fail unintentionally
  • Having family members fight over the company
  • Having future ownership transfer to family members who don’t want it
  • Having wealth disappear to advisory fees

What makes Business Legacy Consulting unique?

  • The unique combination of our skills, abilities, talents, and knowledge allow us to focus not only on the financial aspects of exit planning, but also on the emotional and mental readiness aspects as well.
  • The value we place on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients
  • The highest standards we hold for honesty, integrity, and excellence

Management Consulting

Today’s business environment is unlike any that most of us have had to navigate before. This is especially true for family-owned and closely-held businesses. Because they face challenges and enjoy opportunities that others do not, the leaders of these companies must implement strategies and solutions that are specific to their situations and position themselves for incomparable success in the future. These include:

  • Setting strategic goals and objectives
  • Developing effective business and operating systems
  • Identifying the proper talent for critical roles
  • Developing metrics to monitor progress in goal attainment.

Many consulting firms assist small companies, but your business requires solutions designed for family-owned and closely-held businesses. Yours is a company built upon demanding relationships – relationships no other kind of business encounters. So working with just any small business consulting firm is not an option. You need to work with the team that understands these relationships and knows how to maneuver within them in order to produce the maximum results from each individual. By working with Business Legacy Consulting, you effectively:

  • Build your business through customized solutions
  • Create a clear vision for the future
  • Develop plans for the transition of your business
  • Establish appropriate goals and metrics to monitor progress
  • Reinforce family and staff accountability systems

Business Legacy Consulting partners with family-owned and closely-held businesses – and their trusted advisors – to identify specific opportunities, confront persistent obstacles, and create solutions to address them. This results in long-term strategies designed to move the company ahead more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively.


Contact Karen or Mark at Business Legacy Consulting or 508-639-9879 now to assess your current situation and together explore the ideal course of action for your business…your family…your future.


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